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Feature Films
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Topic: horror
Picfixer Feature Film Collection
by Donald Taylor
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This print is much sharper and cleaner than the existing IA copies, and it's in the correct aspect ratio. Known for its highly atmospheric settings and structural similarity to "Psycho," which was purely coincidental, "City of the Dead" was poorly received at its US and UK theatrical openings. This changed in 1963 when it was released to US television. It has since achieved cult status and is recognized as a horror classic. Directed by John Liewellyn Moxey (as John Moxey) UK...
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Topics: Horror, witchcraft, human sacrifice, Patricia Jessel, Dennis Lotis, Christopher Lee, Betta St John,...
Sci-Fi / Horror
by Kim Ki-Duk
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In the Middle East, a bomb is set off that creates massive earthquakes. Meanwhile in South Korea, a young couple is about to get married and the tension builds when South Korea sends a space shuttle to investigate the bomb site. The earthquake makes its way to South Korea, caused by a giant monster named Yongary (inspired by a mythical creature in Korean lore). Yongary attacks Seoul and makes his way to the oil refineries where he consumes the oil. A child related to the aforementioned couple...
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Topics: Third Eye Cinema, monster, Kaiju, cult film, 1960's, Sci-Fi /Horror